Giving Back

Therapy dogs Wallie & DobbyTeaming up to give back

At Pirih Productions, teamwork is at the heart of what we do. Beyond what we do for our clients, we believe teamwork is also the best way to give back to our community.

We’ve teamed up with our two dogs to create dog & trainer therapy teams that can serve people in unique ways and locations.

As therapy teams, we visit libraries, hospitals, retirement homes, schools, airports and rehabilitation facilities. We participate in community parades and charity fundraisers, sharing our pups and encouraging others to find their own way to give back to their communities.

Research shows that even a brief visit with a therapy dog can significantly decrease stress levels and reduce negative emotions. We’ve seen this magic happen firsthand as we visit with our dogs. Smiles light up all around the building every time we visit.

If you’ve ever thought of giving back, please consider volunteering. You’ll not only see the impact you have on someone but the many benefits to your own life.