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Does your business need to be on social media?

The social media revolution is here, and maybe you or your company already have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,and/or LinkedIn presence. For business owners who haven’t taken the leap, or who are feeling the pressure to be on every digital platform, it’s helpful to consider what ROI you might see from each platform, consider the level of investment you’re willing to make, and decide if it’s a fit for your business or not.

Social media platforms are certainly excellent ways to grow your business and increase exposure. But keeping these accounts current and creating content your followers value is a more challenging task, especially when you may be competing with large companies for the same market share. Having a social media presence that really works requires time, consistency, strategy, planning, and community management. We’re talking editorial calendars, content gathering, and responding to messages in real time. Since time is money to a busy business owner, consider all your options and choose wisely where to invest that time.

Whether you choose social media, print advertising, email marketing, newsletters, or another avenue, make sure you go where your customers are and provide real value. Here are a few ideas of the types of content that can work on social media, but keep in mind that every platform has a unique personality and type of content that performs best.

How to create content that works on social media

1.  Provide value

Social media is all about connection, and you have to know your audience in order to connect with them. Make an effort to understand what your current and potential customers want and need, then share content that delivers what they’re looking for. Provide valuable, bite-sized, shareable tips that help establish you as a trustworthy and helpful resource. When they know they can come to you for valuable content, they are more likely to explore your website and learn more about what you offer.

2. Share what’s new

Keeping customers and potential clients informed and aware of new developments, products, or services is key to growth and building trust and loyalty. It’s essential to make sure that your content is fresh, timely, and informative to potential and existing customers. Have a new service? Talk about it. Hired a new employee? Share it. Moved to a new location? Show it off.

3. Show success

Social media is a great opportunity to feature your customers. Since social media is all about people, content about real people performs well. Share stories of your clients’ success when you can, and tag their social accounts when you do, to get even more shares and increase your reach.

Why social media isn’t the only answer

Doing social media right is a bigger and more labor-intensive commitment than most people realize. And it can often be difficult to determine if it’s actually helping your bottom line.

That’s why social media isn’t the only answer – often there are much more direct and efficient ways to reach real people (and measure your reach).

No matter your industry, there’s a relevant trade publication, magazine, or chamber newsletter to help you zero in on your target audience. Businesses can also consider supporting local sports teams. When you advertise in print, your business is likely to be considered serious, legitimate, and trustworthy, especially by local customers who feel a sense of pride by supporting mom & pop shops and small businesses. Get creative to keep your name and brand in the public eye.

And don’t underestimate the old-fashioned marketing methods: a simple phone call or a personal email or note can deliver stunning results. This could be as straightforward as thanking a customer for a recent order, compliment, or endorsement, no matter how big or how small. In a digital world, the personal touch has become novel again, and will make your business stand out. It’s the kind of thing clients will talk about when they mention your business to others.

Remember, social media is just one of many tools that can help market your company, industry, team, or organization. What works best for you will be as unique as your business is.

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